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Based on True Story



Playboy Charlie and his Blonde girlfriend Buzi are ghosts' enthusiasts fascinated by the legend of the oldest and scariest road in America - Mt Misery Road located in Long Island NY.

When being warned by a random drunk they met in a bar to stay away from there , they still make plans to visit the road, get spooked and have fun. The couple continue their happy adventure until they realize they got into a whirlpool of paranormal activities in the evil woods. The old uneasy spirits from the burnt Asylum, Mothman and Hell hound wont let them get out of there imprisoning them in torture of the deepest fears. The couple got into the haunted horror nightmare that now becomes reality.

About the film

It is an entertaining sick psycho horror film about the most haunted road in Long Island NY that is called Mt Misery Road. This road and surrounding woods are believed to be haunted  and cursed for hundreds of years. The movie is inspired by many terrifying true stories and accounts of people coming in contact with strange things happening to them in the woods around Mt Misery Road. What they have seen is shocking and disturbing.

From the old Asylum that burnt down to a crazy deranged patient named Mary that still roams the woods today, to the spirits and voices of crazy Asylum patients crying and moaning through their suffering still heard echoing in the woods, to the Hellhound with his red  glowing devilish eyes and the Mothman sighted flying in the trees. The film has portraited all these stories and more.

This horror film is an exciting adventure  journey that will take you through the history of the famous road in America and will show you why it is considered the most haunted place around.


The Legend:

Mt Misery Road is considered one of the most haunted roads in America . It is located in Huntington, Long Island NY. Over the last 5 centuries horrible things have happened there.The legend has it that the Matnecock indians back in 1653 sold their land to the new settlers warning them to stay away from that area because it's haunted and cursed land.

Since then many evil paranormal activities have happened in those woods. Today it is the place of tourists attraction for Halloween. Young people go there to get scared or spooked. They just don't know that the legend can turn out to be reality for them.

The mystery behind the road

Mt Misery Road is considered one of the most haunted roads in America . Nobody can really explain the stories that have happened to them on that road but they are real, scary and terrifying. 

"We were driving on that road when the fog appeared around our car so badly that the visibility dropped down to 0. We stopped the car and suddenly our car became covered with fingerprints everywhere. I have never seen something like that before in my life. I got really scared." Sam,24

"I was driving my car on Mt Misery Road  up the hill and suddenly my car turned completely off. I hit the brake pedal and stopped the car. I tried to turn it back on again when suddenly my car started to move by itself up the hill with the engine completely off. I felt like something was pushing it up, like a warning to get away from there. I turned the car on and get out from there as fast as I could. It was creepy." Joey, 59.

The history of Mt Misery Road

By most accounts, the stories begin with Native American tribes, who considered the area cursed and off-limits. Western settlers were initially less bothered by any potential evil spirits, but far more troubled by the rocky and grueling landscape that made traversing the area extremely difficult. The wooden wagon wheels would not drive up the hill of the highest point in Long Island and the wagons would fall down  to the rivine. The struggle was so bad that the settlers named  the area“Mount Misery.”

Over the years, the legend and mystery surrounding this road has grown. One legend has it there was a  mental hospital  built in that area has burnt down sometime during the 1700s or 1800s—with some patients and staff still trapped inside—only to be rebuilt on the same site to tragically burn down again.  After that happened a shadow figure and glowing ghost-woman known as the Lady in White—believed by some to be a depressed patient who set the hospital afire, and in doing so, killed herself—can also reportedly occasionally be seen. 

Another speaks of a deranged nurse who set the blaze and roams the woods with or without a number of faceless children. Some claim to have seen burning spirits fleeing from the grounds, accompanied by screams.

Then there’s the legend of the mass suicide—in which several teenagers hung themselves beneath the Northern State Parkway overpass.